Doubling down

We were having a meal and then she said that I made a statement, which I don’t recall making. So first I denied having made that statement; and when she insisted, I tried to explain my perspective on the topic and what I really meant (assuming I had really said those words). She wasn’t interested in all that because to her, I was already being defensive and was twisting things in order to be ‘right’. She kept quiet.

So I stepped back and remind myself there was no point doubling down on mistakes, not to mention trying to clear up something as convoluted as the above. I asked myself if I entertained the possibility I was ‘wrong’, if I had to change my course, would I? Is there a point in trying hard to be right? What test am I sitting for here?

In life, it’s really important to be right in terms of making good judgments. But for most part, you don’t make things right through arguments, or your words, you do them with your deeds. So when you discover some truth, double-down on it. And how about mistakes? Take action to move forward from them; if you have to rectify, go for it, if you should be leaving it alone in order to go forward, then do so! Just please don’t double-down on it.