Where are you going to start?

Every business is trying to effect a change. It could be just switching products, changing behaviours, and if these all gathers sufficient momentum, it can lead to a change in culture.

Thought this way, the tasks is phenomenal even as it is exciting and interesting. How do you do such a big thing? Isn’t it intimidating to be challenging the status quo, to get people on another side of the proverbial fence? Where do you even start?

That’s the important question. Where do you start? You need to start and you need to try and pry. It is not the ideas themselves you cling on to; but the change you’re trying to effect. And that’s why technologies can be powerful and even effective but selling to customers is more about overcoming the fear of something new, of providing a journey of change.

Start with thinking about the journey that you or the people you’re targeting can make the change. Don’t start with the product or the technology. Tweak your offerings and services to edit the journey, not the other way around. And change, would be on its way.