The Purpose

I’m not sure if people recall this set of sticky notes. I kept this one from many years ago in one of the blog entries I wrote. And watching Soul (the movie) reminded me in part of these. That we’re so busy living in the past and future, that we think our purpose is in the future, or the past. That our spark is the one thing our life is for, so much we forget everything else in our life.

The recognition that being “in the zone” can be also about being a “lost soul” because of our obsessions can disconnect us from life. It’s being too caught up with something.

And we can interpret making the most of today as subjugating it to the future or trying to relive the past. But the spark, the personality we have, the ideals we might have had a glimpse of, are all not the purpose. The sense of purpose sometimes is not found to be lived out; but is found out in the living.