Risk in Education

The closest thing that schools teaches us about risk and uncertainty is mainly within the Economics and Finance discipline where they are defined, quantified, treated so mathematically that somehow can be managed in a certain magical way. There’s also the behavioural economics side of things where our psychological relationship with risk as humans are being modelled, and that gave some insights to individuals’ biases and faulty heuristics that can be ‘corrected’ to good effect.

Yet risk is potentially the most important thing we have to contend with in our lives after school. In fact, an education itself involves risks, how we conduct our social lives involves risks. I don’t think we necessarily want to create a syllabus and make ‘risk’ part of formal education but I think parents, teachers, and the culture in general can do more about helping each generation appreciate risks better.

We need to better appreciate that our inability to control outcomes as something positive. We are imperfect creatures and if the world was more up to the control of humans, I think we would have ruined it already. So that lack of control can be a good thing, and is meant to be embraced without being disempowered.