Clowns and Circus

Don’t blame the clown for acting like a clown, ask yourself why you keep going to the circus.


Hmm. Interesting idea; often we allow ourselves to be in contexts and environment we dread with the kind of people we don’t actually want to hang out with. I discovered at some point of life that modern society often requires that we spend much more time pleasing people we hardly care about at the expense of the ones we love, but thinking all that former was actually to serve the latter.

To that extent, choosing the right clients would be just as important as choosing the right employers should you decide to start out on your own and ‘do your own things’. The freedom to choose your own client comes from positioning yourself, being able to do good work for the type of people you like. It doesn’t come naturally just because you are running your own business. Because you still need to pay the bills, and keep things running.

Like what I mentioned previously, it’s incredibly important who you hang out and spend time with; so it’s necessary that even at work, choosing who you want to serve matters. And of course, it’s not a pure straight-forward choice because within that choice, there are many different derived choices. By choosing to serve only the best, you’d have to make further choices to be yourself amongst the best in what you do.