Choices in Modern World

What has modern capitalism brought forth to us? Choice is one of the big important thing that the market grants us. But for most of the period of great growth in the decades prior to 2000s, the choice was mostly about new things that could be consumed which previously did not exist.

Fast forward today; we might have a tad bit too much choices that new products and services might be there to restrict or reduce choices. Freedom to choose becomes less of a relished freedom when we become compelled to make so many different choices. Do we really need to choose from 1000 available options for our bathroom tiles? Do we really need to have 5 apps for streaming shows?

Are all of these choices making our society, culture and people better in any ways? When capitalism rewards the people who entertain us more than those who bring clean water to more lives, do we want to allow the system to grow without bounds? Should we allow more markets to be regulated and more activities to proceed without profit motives driving them?

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