Why me?

A humble unasuming man who has done good work for a community where he has been voted to lead the committee for the neighbourhood. He asks God, ‘Why me?’ And takes on the responsibility in trusting in God to lead and guide Him. There is still the ‘Here I am’ moment when he takes up the responsibility but his confidence is not in himself but in God.

His brother had been a fit young man, always exercised and practised healthy habits. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it was not discovered until late stage. He asks God, ‘Why me?’ And accepts the diagnosis, trusting in God’s plan for him. There will be the struggles, the “what did I do to deserve this?”, but also the acknowledgement: “the days of man are numbered by You Lord”.

Genuine faith is not about being triumphant in your own circumstances but in the victory that God has won on the cross. And each win or lost in the life we live on this earth are but tests – all of them seeks a faithful response. We will not always pass them; but I want to show here that the Christian faith is not one-sided, all positive but much broader and encompassing so much more.