Getting unstuck

There is a shipping vessel stuck at Suez Canal right now. And there awaits hundreds of container vessels, ships awaiting to get through the canal – on both sides. This canal was built in 1869 precisely to prevent ships having to sail down to the Cape of Good Hope, allowing the maritime journey between Europe and Asia to cut by almost half. And of course, it became a very dominant and signficant part of the global shipping route.

There are well trodden paths and shortcuts that we can use when thinking about our lives and careers but every now and then, a disruption occurs, and the landscape changes. It might mean we have to wait, or we can take that long circuitous path people used to take.

Unless you think you’re a piece of good that finds its meaning only in reaching the destination, as a person, the actual journey might help you figure out who you are, what you’re here for, and what you should be doing, a bit better than just trying to go down the paths and shoutcuts everyone is shouting at you about.