Classroom of One

What happens if you’re in the classroom of one? Yes, you are the one person. You are the student. You are the teacher. You are responsible for setting the homework and for completing it, for grading it, and getting the feedback, etc. You will determine how to improve, what to learn, how to teach/learn. How would you approach it? What would you be teaching for?

That is the world you are in. That is the world whenever you find some time on commutes, when you are scrolling through the phone, when you determine what texts to answer and what materials to read or to consume. Because you are constantly learning, teaching yourself, setting homework for yourself. And grading yourself: thinking about how productive you are, whether you used your time well or wasted it, judging your own performance.

You are in that classroom of one. What is the rubric you’ll give yourself? What is the metric you want to grade yourself against? Why?