Provoking Thoughts

For those who are subscribed to my mailing list, you might already know that for some time, I’ve been planning to have an instagram account to post bite-size materials of the longer form articles I write. There is really a lot of wisdom to distill from many places and I had envision the instagram to be really about curating the best materials and thoughts to share with my audience.

Being one of the more senior millennial, I had to enlist the help of my young cousin to provide ‘expert advice’ and also to help me with the graphics that I wanted to put up in my instagram. My posts will be oriented around some of the mindsets and thinking around identifying life goals, and how it connects with career choices, and the steps to get there. Almost coming to a week on since the launch, I thought to share it here on my website so you can follow and benefit from it!

And here it is.