Reflections from Work


It’s been a long time since I had actually got down to writing something I had in my mind. I finished my first year of work earlier this year and concluded an additional month recently. Besides my service in the military, this is the longest I have ever worked in a single organisation. I must say that work hasn’t been easy but there is really lots to take away from work and the exposure has been invaluable.

A few big things I learnt from a full year of work – when turned into advice:

  1. Identify pockets of interest and build up incredible amount of expertise
  2. Consign all showy things to those who practise showmanship
  3. Challenge yourself not with load but with difficulty

There is the usual drag of work; I remind myself that work is cursed, but it is not a curse. We were made for work, designed to serve the Lord, as stewards of creation – and in work, we learn to give ourselves though the world tries to convince us to do so for selfish reasons. Prayers at work, and for work, for the people around involved in work is profoundly helpful. It brings us back into the Godly reality where we learn to rest in Him rather than our own strengths.