Writing By Hand

There is something about our handwriting that reveals our character, people say. And strangely, this is not something wise of this new age of more-typing-than-writing, it is something that has been around for a while now. As I graded script after script, I discover to my horror how handwritings of students have gotten way worse compared to my days in school. There is something about the weakness of grip on the pen, the poor positioning of letters on a word, senselessness of certain curls. And it reveals a sloppy manner no other aspects of you would have been able to show.

Clarity of thought is also amply demonstrated in hand written pieces because you can no longer copy-paste or splice the stuff that you have previously written. Planning ahead and knowing what you are trying to articulate becomes immensely important. Unfortunately this art seems to have been lost through the rise of technology and its emphasis faded in pursuit of new ideals in American education.