Here Again!

Sealed Tight!
Sealed Tight!

This week’s package is a little more on the reading side. The Economist dug up the book review of a 1980s book. And read up about how sometimes, product pricing is all about business and little about economics especially when demand function starts entangling with supply. This is the sort of thing that always happens with super high-class sort of thing – or maybe it’s just high-class because of marketing.

Perhaps people are learning more about Professor Waldfogel’s theories since more retailers are rolling out gift certificates for this festive season. How about signaling your care or love for someone through the Internet or your mobile phone instead? Stefana Broadbent, a tech anthropologist speaks on how the Internet enables intimacy.

Finally, a little read on xanthan gum from moreIntelligentLife, a stabilizer – in your food but not something particularly good for your health I heard..

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