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I went to Kinokuniya Bookstore today and found a couple of non-fiction I have always been interested but enable to explore. The first is on Trachtenberg system of Speed Mathematics that is applied beyond multiplication. There’s another on Moscow’s mathematical puzzles. The more arts inclined people can try Feynman’s writings like ‘You’re surely joking, Mr Feynman’ or ‘Don’t you have time to think?’ or ‘Six-piece easy’ or ‘QED’ and many more.

As a pseudo-art-quasi-science student, I am also thinking of reading ‘Sophie’s World’ by Jostein Gaarder, whose price is slashed quite low since its first publication. I think I’ll be getting it soon. There’s another ridiculous book which I would consider to be the ‘Sophie’s World’ of the sciences and it’s titled ‘The Road to Reality’ by Roger Penrose. It’s going to be an amazing read for anyone, absolutely. It might well be more exciting than Sophie’s World if you are of the more mathematical type; I bet Yong Xian will be more interested in Penrose than Gaarder though Pei Shan will probably enjoy Gaarder so much more. I think I’ll want to read both books if I have time. Oh and Jieyee, I didn’t know you read my blog – try reading Penrose if you are still haven’t find your passion; if you hate him then maybe you are not so suited for Physical Sciences. Peng Sing, if you are tired of Feynman, you can switch to Brian Greene (he writes very well too).

Kwang Guan, just in case you still follow up with my blog, you might enjoy a bit more Current Affairs like The Economist’s World in 2008 (which currently cost SGD$25 and I am not considering purchasing it just for your information). Otherwise I think you’ll be interested in Jared Diamond though Feynman should do fine since you seem to be into Physics now.

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  1. lol i dont like reading economist- (heavy text,fonts too small)

    i might consider checking out the books.

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