Daily Essays By Me!

After 2 days of experimentation, I am positive I can sustain my efforts and continue being prolific (probably for the rest of my life). I have decided to work on essays everyday to keep me in the mode of writing and encourage myself to read up more in order to synthesize what I know into piece of writings. I will be uploading the essays I wrote here, so that anyone can access them and use them for reference of as tools for revision.

I’ll be writing any sort of essays so you’ll probably find me answering a General Paper Essay question and a Macroeconomics essay on the same day. I have dated all my essays to force myself to keep to my commitment. Blog entries will not be factored in but I’ll still continue with analysis of daily encounters and stuff here.

Oh yes, anyone interested in sharing their essays or having their essays featured there can also gmail me your essays. I’ll make sure you are properly credited as long as you do a good job.

Back to writing…

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