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Sometimes, you know your school isn’t that good at teaching a particular subject but you are not sure how to show it. Traditional theories of student behaviour suggest that questioning of authority can be dangerous and a direct assault should be avoided. My numerous discourse that attempted to discount the importance of factors for different phenomena proposed by the economics department has met with failure (largely because of both herd mentality of teachers and perhaps a contempt for students who are not that consistent with schoolwork). So today, as a last minute attempt, I am trying this…

I glanced through the MOE H2 Economics Syllabus document and discovered the following clauses:

  • [Elasticity characteristics of straight line demand and supply curves are not required.]
  • [The geometrical explanation of the kinked demand curve is not required.]
  • the analysis of deadweight loss using the concepts of consumer and producer surplus is not required.
  • [Interest rate determination and graphical illustration of the transmission mechanism are not required. A descriptive explanation of how monetary policy works will be sufficient.]
  • [Theory of absolute advantage is not required.]
  • And in case you have been studying the price elasticity of supply or reading about price leadership models, maybe you like to switch to reading the syllabus document instead to attain a higher level of enlightenment.

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