Hypothesis Update

Talking to several people, problems with my hypothesis have been raised, which I find worth sharing:

Wee Chern focused on traversing between the space and time dimension: Is speed a means of being purely in a type of dimension? What sort of implication would an expanding spatial dimension have on the model?

Yong Xian gave a Special Relativity viewpoint: Maybe individual objects have their own axis of time within their own frame of reference? And so the differences in time experienced arises not from a distortion of reality but merely the differences in frame of reference?

My own questions emphasized on the problems associated with the notion of distortion: What exactly is this stretching? What is the movement of the ball like along the time-axis? Is it a constant speed? If it’s constant then stretching caused by object moving will only occur when the object ‘accelerates’, because if stretching continues when object is maintaining high speed, then time for the object must always move slower than the rest of reality and this effectively means the stretching will increase along the time-axis, creating the same ‘infinity-stretching’ problem I had in order to make time stationary for objects at light speed. I circumvented that issue with erasing it from time but for this, I can’t. Even if I can accept the stretching modification, the whole model is not well erected enough. There’s fine-tunning required pertaining to the exact details of ‘stretching’ or distortion.

It’s apparent this hypothesis still has a long way to go and I shall think about these questions after my Prelims (maybe after A Levels too).

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