Mugging Aids

I thought it’s pretty late to be saying this but it would be nice to share some sites that would very much help with your mugging, whether it’s for Blocks (if you are seriously desperate) or for your A Levels (final dash).

Tutor2u Economics Site: A collection of notes and presentations that features qualitative economic concepts and suitable for those who don’t really give a damn about Mathematics in the study of Economics. The topics adheres to the A Levels Economics for UK Cambridge so Singaporean students should find them handy as well. Eurocentric examples are used but if you really need more Singapore-slant examples, I would very much recommend you to read Henri Ghesquiere’s Singapore’s Success: Engineering Economic Growth – it has a whole lot of things about policies, which would extremely relevant to students desperate for Singapore-based examples.

The Integrator: Who says brute force computing doesn’t work for High School and College Mathematics? It’s only when you are armed with the machines from Texas Instruments. ‘The Integrator’ by Wolfram Research is an amazing brute calculator that does the Integration operator particularly well (not that it can do anything else). Using crudely worked out algorithms that have been done tediously by hand, the calculator compiles wholesome general formulas that uses no short cuts in working out your sums. Best of all, they help you generate general formulas, which means you can happy key in some unknowns and they would generate the answer with the unknowns factored in. Of course, learn how the inputs works first.

SEAB Syllabus
Site (for 2007 A Levels): Confused with what is tested or at least what you need to know? Go download the relevant syllabuses and check them out. It’s hard to interpret some parts though, so try to study everything if you can. It’s good to know more anyway. Best perk about the site is that it provides you with a handy copy of Formula List MF15. So in case you can’t find your Ten-Year Series, you can see the .pdf beside your World of Warcraft icon on your desktop. In addition, the entire Data Booklet for Chemistry H2 is also at the kind of the syllabus document for it. No sweat if you misplace your Data Booklet! Same applies for the Physics Students’ list of constants.

Chemguide Site: Chemguide should be known by lots of students; a helpful Chemistry resource site that provides clear explanation of reactions and almost everything that we need to know in our syllabus. Since it’s for the UK A Levels, they have some reactions that we may not need to know so you can refer to the syllabus document to clarify any doubts you have about Chemguide. It covers all the 3 main themes of Chemistry at A Levels, ‘Inorganic Chemistry’, ‘Physical Chemistry’ and ‘Organic Chemistry’, and the topics and separated distinctly so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the information you need.

Physical Geography Fundamentals: Great site for students of Geography, though most stuff there are out of syllabus and may not be useful for Singapore A Levels Geography students. Nonetheless, the fundamentals are concise unlike the paper textbooks and there are relevant diagrams that we are required to know. The language used are highly accessible in contrast with some difficult research papers we may receive as readings. Useful for brief revisions.

That’s all the featured ones, in addition to the common sites people visit but often overlook their academic value, such as Wikipedia, The Economist and Oh, the last site is for relieving academic stress after your mugging.

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