Parody Inc.

Though a month is over and homework is barely complete, the holiday has turned for the borer and I came up with the idea of starting this Corporation ‘Parody Inc.’ with the following subsidiary companies, brands, and tag lines.

Supermarket Chains

  • UnfairPrice – 贵价合作社
  • Dwarf – Dwarf Variety, Dwarf Prices, Dwarf Savings
  • Curryfoul – 咖哩福
  • Hot Oven – The Cooked Food People
  • Cafes/Coffee Clubs

  • DKK – De Kopi Konnoisseur
  • The Kopi Dao & Teh Hyio
  • AstroDollars
  • Kopi Klub
  • Food Courts

  • Food Junktion
  • Copitiam
  • Panquet
  • This giant holding company will specialize in the F&B industry and will attempt to expand into banking sector as well as opening cinemas, because it probably have nothing better to do.


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