Playing God

It’s not easy playing God, even in videos. The stupid green screen effect I was trying to do for my film project cannot work out at all. The lousy green walls have huge problems with inconsistent lighting and being nobody with light control, we failed terribly. The actors had green reflected on their faces and became transparent when we applied the effects, making a couple of ‘Hollow M(e)n’ and totally screwed the video up.

Sometimes I feel that Arts is the only ‘real’ thing in this world. Without the ability to produce the effect, you cannot try and ‘fake’ like you do in faking report, using impressive languages, and such. In Arts, though there are so called ‘props’ and stuff to fake around, in fact, you get people to fact – the moment when the work presents itself, everything is ‘real’. In paintings, it takes real efforts, in photography, it really takes skills. But for one, playing God is only possible in Arts. You can make your characters defy laws of physics, do ridiculous stuff like a ball ‘bouncing upwards’.

Science is kind of real – since it is a study of reality. Unfortunately, many times, science has become so preoccupied with unreal stuff like molecules that you can’t see, DNA’s coiling around histones, or the processes in the mitochondrion, even the effects of gravity on anti-matter. Too far-fetched, too unreal in that sense.


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