Bits of Life

Nothing beats spending 12 bucks on lousy stuff, like lousy movies, with lousy popcorns that cost money, followed by lousy organization, then lousy games with some lousy rubber bands. I have to admit, the food that came after all those wasn’t lousy, but the quantity of food provided was. Oh, sorry about the cost, I made a mistake – the cost of this lousy package is 15 bucks, due to some lousy mistake. You learn things out of little bits and pieces of life, and of most of them, these bits are the really lousy bits because only by experiencing the worst can you know what you have may actually have been the best all the while.

Nah, Convenant wasn’t that bad, at least there was the ‘Marvel-Dragonball Z versus Capcom-cum-StreetFighter/MortalKombat’ kind of Kung-fu effects. I thought everything else was pretty expected, except for exceptional move involving a corner-kick kind of move that was done to the ball of ‘power’. Yeah, it’s kind of childish I must say. I bet Flushed Away will be a few hundreds of times nicer than this movie.

I am seriously attempting to be apathetic. I won’t be so later.

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