So Long, XP

After 5 years of suffering from a couple of willful viruses, getting past a few bugs and worms, downloading patches and updates madly, getting sick with the stupid Windows Protection Center’s paranoia over a simple web browser (namely Firefox) attempting to access the Internet, I am starting to feel that I may miss Windows XP after all. If Microsoft just happens to stop postponing the release date of Vista, XP’s fate will probably be sealed a few months ahead, that is to assume that people have had enough of it, though my assumption may not be quite right given what I am feeling.

True, XP may have been a bother, and it is after the emergence of XP that I decided to try Mac, but XP surfaces as a sincere victim to the tonnes of naughty geeks out there attempting to show their prowess. At least, it doesn’t demand as high specs as Vista, which will probably be burning a hole in my pocket soon. Running XP on a 1.8GHz Intel Pentium 4 has never been an easy feat, with just 256MB of RAM, the computer hang frequently, something which I thought of as a 90s phenomenon. Worst, the work I am doing requires me to run programmes like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS on them, meaning I am working both the operating system and the computer close to death. Still, XP did not fail me.

In this 6 year of usage, the computer has been working rather well, ignoring the occasional bug fixes it requires and the updating requested by my anti-virus software. I strongly encourage all to take on a wait and see attitude with regards to Vista, and before removing XP because it may prove to be the last of Microsoft’s reliable companion in this chaotic world of nonsense – at least for the PC users, though you guys can always opt for a Mac.

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