Maxtor & Comex

Realising that my computer is running really slowly after acculmulating a hell lot of junk from my 4 years of secondary education and experimentation with different digital art forms, I know something had to be done. The 40GB Astone Portable 2.5″ harddisk is definitely running out of space and I can’t be carrying about 20GB worth of precious data in an unstable storage and potentially lose it. I didn’t set aside any budget at all for computer equipment this year because there’s nothing new coming out this year that I required or desire (Wanted Leopard but I guess I wasn’t that ready for it, so I decided it shall be left to 3 years later).

Comex came at a timely period when the junk is lagging my computer and the internet instability is really starting to irritate me. I worked out all possible solutions and decided that I have to transfer the education document archives in my computer and harddisk out. So I headed to Singapore Expo today and got a Maxtor Basics 200. It was a huge plastic box, measuring 45 by 130 by 226 millimeters and have a real storage capacity of 189GB. It is prettier than the Ranger casing though probably not as good, but I wanted to feel good about the thing I spent on so out fly the 170+ bucks on this plastic grey box, which I subsequently went on to dump 16GB worth of data into. If I happen to decide to backup my iTunes database, the usage will be much higher.

So I am sitting down here blogging and realising that my computer is running faster – though it probably is some kind of illusion that stems out of the desire to justify my buy.

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