Xmas Gift?

I am pretty lag to realise this only now and I guess that’s a Xmas Gift for web designers – or not, as mentioned in the article that too many of the existing sites online are coded exclusively for Internet Explorer. In fact, I have been experiencing so much problems with IE, that I may some times give up designing work because people request for the site to appear exactly the same in IE and the other browsers.

I wonder what’s with Bok’s Wine thing and Mib’s Christmas, which I still couldn’t figure out why the stuff he mentioned in his blog ‘is a bummer’. If you have nothing better to do, having finished with Xmas Celebrations, I recommend you visit Teddy’s Cameron Highlands ‘Photos Webpage’ (I don’t really think that’s a photoblog), to waste some time.


2 responses to “Xmas Gift?”

  1. Lol, thanks a lot. I considear that as a compliment.

    Merry X’mas!!!

  2. Yah, considered it so. Merry Christmas to you too!

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