Dr Croc

Dr Croc Though not as plain as Mib’s blog, I always thought my blog lacked pictures. Not fanciful ones that crash the browsers loading your page or images that repeat in almost every post. And of course not a colorful background depicting a sky then having ‘Icy Wind’ as your blog title. Those are all disgusting. By the way, having no images or graphic in your blog theme actually sux too. Compounding on the fact that you draw some big, red, pixelated Chinese Seal image on so many of the posts. Yuks!

I thought I would start a ‘column’ on my blog. It is by an imaginary character named ‘Dr Croc’, and he will talk about education, or those childish stuff that I usually won’t write. When I say childish, I am referring to things related to children. I am thinking of drawing some political cartoons of ‘Dr Croc’. You will soon know what I mean exactly. A crocodile is chosen mainly because of the simplicity of it and also the multiple dimensions in which you can interpret its personality. You can say it is a slacker, but it is also an opportunist – there is almost no limits to the way you can talk about it.

Since this is the ‘exam and tests’ period, I will only return with more graphics during November. But in the meantime, you can actually see what Dr Croc have to say about stuff in Singapore. For those sensitive people, Vib is NOT Dr Croc. Whatever he says do not represent me! By the way, all the images or graphics of Dr Croc or related are my original works. Please do not steal them and put on your blog without my permission!

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