PC Show

Just something interesting here for all to think about: Bingyuan’s blog – a post on decisions. I didn’t know Bingyuan would type such things. Then again, I am confident he copied that story from somewhere. Anyway, the story isn’t logical because if the track is not used, there shouldn’t be any controls that allow one to change the course of the train.

Back to what I am trying to talk about – PC Show. Okay, it is the same every year, they feature everything from mouse, to keyboard and MP3 Players but almost no computers. And I am not talking about laptops. The whole fair is made up of human, people and crowds – nothing much about computers to see. I believe 5o% of the people went there to see their fellow specie. As for me, I was searching for the memory card at the perfect price (which is supposed to mean zero, but never mind) for my fourth auntie who enjoys travelling.

Personally, I don’t usually do such deeds for people, but since I may have to borrow the memory card from her sometimes, for my own use, I decided that it was fair for me to do the shopping and choosing. I got a 512Mb one at a fairly expensive price of $78. It was a SanDisk one. I think that’s the best price it can go unless you are thinking about Lexmark or whatever crappy brand. I don’t usually care about the brands but recently, with the rise of imitations that produces real lousy products, I decided that branding is sometimes important. But not always – especially when it comes to software. Yes, that’s right.

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