Lessons Again

Should I declare erpz.net dead? Maybe not. Perhaps I should announce that Mib is gone – though that’s not true. There simply isn’t anything great to talk about at this period of time. Oh yes, there is the bus fare hike. But can we prevent it? No, so why bother to talk about it – the company wouldn’t care anyway. The monopoly is there and you can’t say, “Hey, I am not going to take your bus anymore!” Well, actually you can say that, but not without adding, “I am going to walk! Wait a minute, how far is Bukit Timah from Tiong Bahru?” Erm, there is this little talk about bad attitude taxi drivers over at Terry’s blog, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. Especially those like me, who rarely take taxis to avoid overspending.

Well, I do have a bad experience with cabbies – the reason why I hate to take cabs alone. When I was still rather young, I took a cab along Upper Aljunied Road with a few friends because we lost our way there. Our destination is quite near: Kallang Stadium. That dumb cabby knows where to go, did not grumble, but I guess he was too bored and thought too highly of my friends and I. He started cracking dirty jokes and laughing deviously at himself. Previously, we didn’t really understand what he is talking about. So there was a little forced laughter. My friend, who wasn’t very decent himself, didn’t even laugh. I don’t know whether he was the one who start those jokes but he certainly don’t look very comfortable then. Fortunately, we reached there rather quickly, and zipped through the crowd at Kallang Stadium, not wanting to remind ourselves of that dirty fellow.

As for bus drivers, I have a feud with this idiot who drives Bus Service Number 186 at an unknown time slot. I haven’t seen his face, and I cannot recognise him, but I know I hate this guy, and it should be a guy – if my eyes didn’t fail me then. It was a tiring afternoon at school and I was pissed because of some management stuff in school and I was waiting for that bus at the Serene Centre bus stop. It is not exactly outside Serene Centre but it is quite near it.

I waited for 8 minutes, the bus came. I walked towards the kerb and flagged as the bus was around 40 metres from me. I put down my hand when it was about 10 metres away from me. I then look at my shirt because I realised that there was something wrong with the third button. Damn it! The bus just zipped pass and even when I flagged again, it slowed down, I caught up with it, then it zoom off again. I hate this guy! I ended up having to change another bus because I know that the next bus wouldn’t come until another 30 minutes.

Okay, I am getting pissed as I am recounting. I better start forgetting about this event. Oh yah, I forgot that the title of this post is ‘Lessons Again’, so I must talk about going back to school today. Well, everyone was fine. The hateful ones were as hateful. The kind ones were as kind – I asked for help with Maths and that guy helped. Yes, that’s all. In life, some thing don’t tally, I guess the title of the post need not really tally with the contents.

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