I definitely have to change my point about life being the same. It is actually gathering pace and I am busier than ever now. With 2 main projects already on hand, I thought I have very much improved from the passive mode I was in during the start of the year but I was wrong. Now comes more things; attachments, a whole new turn for the film I am shooting and whatever academic stuff, which I am already working on. I really need help for the film now. You people might like to comment somehow. This is what the film is about:

A student volunteer goes to volunteer his service to a particular neighbourhood link, helping to conduct Chinese Calligraphy and a Conversational English Course, then he goes back. Throughout the act, there will be 3 interviews featuring the staff in charge of the centre, a elderly man who is the ‘student’ in the Chinese Calligraphy Class, and the actual student volunteer who is working with the centre to conduct a Conversational English class for the elderly. This is a docu-drama, whereby the drama and interviews are inter-twined together to make it like a ‘The Making of…’ kind of short-film.

Now, the problem I am facing is that if I really go and do something like ‘The Making of…’, the film becomes a side-thing, appears on the surface as being useless. I wonder if it is possible for me to propose this to the teacher. It is a whole new concept to stage ‘The Making of…’ as a stand alone film – but for now, it is rather ‘The Progress of Moral Neighbourhood Link Project’. So it is working on the same sort of genre with a different approach, a vastly different one. There are still uncertainties here and there. Firstly, I still don’t have an idea what kind of feeling has to be instilled in the audience watching th film. It is meant to be quite arthouse actually, but it doesn’t seem to work out. This is mainly because it does not invoke deep emotions. This project is getting out of control as time pass. I really hope some people out there can comment on such a kind of film.

Well, some may think it is refreshing to have this kind of film and want to watch it before saying anything, but currently, I think the whole film is so screwed that I don’t think it is deserving of any viewing. On contrary, I think people should go watch Tak Giu, one of the good Singaporean Short Films I have seen so far; though I thought the title is wrong, for people who knows Hokkien, I believe the right pronounciation is ‘Tad Kiu’, which literary mean ‘Kick Ball’.


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  1. If your flim is based on some horror/ghost story, I can give you very original script lah, but if otherwise hor, can’t help you liao.

    Good luck!

  2. Hah, I am a realist, don’t like to cook up stories or whatever because I can’t be bothered to crack my head to think of how to scare people. I prefer to work on something that depicts our society. Of course, if I ever change my mind or decide to incorporate some horror in some future film I will be shooting, I wouldn’t mind koping a script or original material from you!

    Thanks anyway!

  3. My stories are realistic too what *sob sob*, REAL one leh *SOB SOB*

    snort snort, don’t want to friend you liao!

    btw don’t koping, if you need anything, just ask me, I’ve tones of them REAL ones!!!


    anyway one question hor, how I go back to your main page without clicking back button?

  4. Sorry, I know your stories all real one, dun think I never read your blog – the only problem is dunno why cannot shout on your shoutbox. My shouts never appear after I click the submit button. Now I mean real as in the society, less personal stuff lah. Oh, you wanna go main then click the words ‘Propagator’ on the top lor, it links to the main page.

  5. Orr, thanxs, that make refreshing yr page easier.

    Errmmm, maybe my shoutbox don’t like you??? I duno ley, how come you can’t shout??? Maybe not loud enough?

  6. Dunno lah. Anyway, I usually comment using the ‘haloscan’ system you are using though I do have a blogger account, which I sometimes use for commenting.

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