Blog Dies?

I agree absolutely with someone else’s view on blogging and why some guys’ blog should just be eliminated (not die, because a blog isn’t living). However, there are simply too many flaws in his line of arguement that I have to add on some more stuff and also disprove some of them.

Firstly, a personal opinion is that the term ‘blog’ has come about rather natural with the modern usage. This word doubles as both a noun (blog, meaning a web-log) and a verb (blogging, the act of logging on the online diary), just like many other words from by students in Singapore, and perhaps everywhere else. Examples includes ‘Don’t Issac’ (Nothing to do with Newton or gravity), ‘Very Haomib’ (Something to do with Mib). Of course, it is rather true that it have been overused in other context, and even misused or ‘badly-punned’, as Mib may have suggested by posting that dumb article on his blog.

With regards to how blogs, with special emphasis on Movabletype blogs, choke the search list of google, I have no doubts and agree fully with how blogs are wasting space on google’s search list. Google probably wants to have a new option for people searching – a checkbox that indicates that you are searching for weblogs or perhaps a radio button for some other sites online. Or even better, a totally separate search engines that search on blogs only.

It is a matter of fact that blogs exist to fulfill the pursuit of journalism for most blogger who failed to be professional journalist. Of course, the rest may be columnist-wannbes without the qualifications to do that. These people are just like you and Mib, undoubtly innocent, have some anti-government sentiments, have ridiculous thoughts about how you can change the world, and not realistic at all. But like Mib, or even me, we hold on to this hope, that someone out there, probably one who shares our thoughts, sees the entry and would respond to it positively or even be inspired to express the view himself.

This is so even for crap-bloggers such as Wap. It is the thought and the self-opinion that matters, not what others think. One man’s food may be another man’s poison, a man’s blog maybe the other’s crap. Nonetheless, there would be someone to appreciate the thought, even if it is just a single person. A blog also presents a different persona from the one in real life. For a person like Ruiyang (this is not real name, he is commonly known by screen name, ‘Jew’ or ‘Jew1’), a quiet boy in class with a tinch of interest for History disappears behind a computer as a blogger, at his blog, dubbed ‘Nameless Until Further Notice’, voicing extreme political and anti-government views.


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